Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Sad days and unchartered territory for this particular Addick...

I'm really going to try and keep this brief.

Two things have happened in the past 24 hours that have shocked me to my core in footballing terms.

The first demonstrates how detached I have become from Charlton Athletic, something that has been such an important part of my life for decades.

I sat on the train this morning opened the sports pages of Metro and saw that we had played at home last night to Oldham Athletic. For the first time ever since supporting the Addicks back in 1980 I hadn't even realised we were playing.  I don't know whether to feel embarrassed, annoyed or resigned that the ridiculous regime and the way it has divided support and created a thoroughly unenjoyable and toxic atmosphere at homes games has finally left me completely apathetic towards my football club.

Back in the days before the internet my Saturdays when we were away from home and before my parents would allow me to go to away games consisted of a ritual of playing Subbuteo on our landing whilst simultaneously watching teletext for updates and listening to LBC for the latest match reports.

All rather shocking and leaving me feeling a touch lost.

The second is the 'interview' with this Dreisden character. (More of a rant really).

What a nutjob !!!

The lunatics have certainly taken over the asylum.


  1. Scoops, I don't think that you missed a game last night - from what I heard it was another capitulation where Charlton gifted their visitors a point. ...!

    Don't feel too bad, you're not alone in your dis - connection with the club, there are thousands out there doing the same and like cold turkey the longer the absence the less you miss it.

  2. Unfortunately, I'm probably around 2 weeks ahead of you in that particular journey away from a previous CAFC obsession.
    My life used to revolve around the fixture list.

    I'm just not that interested anymore. It's gone.

    Cheers Roland.


  3. Sad, depressing post but I totally empathise with you & the other comments as above, I only do night games these days so enormously glad there aren't many to suffer this season.

  4. The odd thing is Marco this isn't a mind set I've set myself up for out of protest, it's just happened organically through what the club has become (and modern football in general perhaps?)

    1. I've become disillusioned with 'Modern Football' over the last few years but my previous all powerful attachment to the club meant it was still important to me.
      A whole season and more of KM talking down to lifelong supporters as if she knows what's good for them, plus RD's obvious delight in annoying us- he could very easily have turned up to a few games, played the part, worn a scarf in public, shaken a few hands of supporters, been available to comment etc has diminished my CAFC 'feeling'.
      RD and KM treated their core public as the enemy, I'm sure in an attempt to replace them with a new crowd.
      A belief in better days around the corner, the basic premise of being a football supporter, has been removed and replaced by a 'unique' opportunity to watch our club become a talent farm for other clubs.
      The owner is richer than any owner we've had before. The club are not obliged to sell our best talent but this is the clear plan.

      I've gradually drifted away - my last game was the Burnley home game. I have no plans to return yet.